The Economy for You and Me

The purpose of the entire world’s economy is to serve you and me. It has no purpose other than that.

All the shipping containers in massive barges coming into harbor, the 18-wheelers rolling across the highway, the tractors plowing vast acreages of farmland. The warehouses, cranes, bulldozers, high-rise buildings.

It can be daunting to look at all this and think about what an economy is. Maybe, in our 9-to-5 jobs we read financial reports, maintain computer networks, or evaluate stock and bond market reports. Maybe we produce TV ads and commercials or sell things. Maybe we prepare legal documents. Or work in a factory.

Whatever. All of this work, everything we do as participants in the economy, is ultimately about you and me. Providing what we want.

Consider any industry. Like supermarkets. We go to the grocery store and see thousands of products in the aisles. But behind all the fruits, vegetables, and packaged products are farms, small- and medium-sized businesses, and large corporations. That’s what provides the goods and services that supply you and me with: FOOD.

The same is true when you go to a department or clothing store. There you get: CLOTHES.

Property developers, real estate agents, lumber and concrete suppliers, and so on are involved in building and selling: SHELTER

What about car and airline companies? TRANSPORTATION.

And biotech firms, herb suppliers, or doctors provide what? HEALTH CARE.

What about technology companies like Apple, Google/Youtube, and Facebook?


We could go on and on with every industry, but the point is to show that everything in our entire economy exists solely to provide either a good or service to you and me. That’s it. You might object and say you work for a company that provides for business customers, not people. But in the end those business customers are producing a good or service to you and me or supplying something to a business that does.  

It’s all part of an economy that exists for you and me. The economy really is that simple. Everything in it is provided by you and me, for you and me.

But maybe you’re working a 9-to-5 job and don’t like being on that corporate hamster wheel. Does it make sense to slave for 30 years just to build typical retirement savings? Or is there another way?

Imagine a simple life. Henry David Thoreau described this when he wrote about his stay in nature at Walden Pond for a couple years. He built a homestead, farmed, fished, and was self-sufficient in a matter of months, not 30 years! All we really need is food, clothes, and a home. And, yeah, maybe the Internet.

We have technology, and we have local communities to exchange goods and services with. So shouldn’t life be far easier today than it was for Thoreau over 150 years ago? We at Peerhub think so and we’re looking to help build the New Economy with you.


Building The New Economy

We’re living in a time when technology brings us all closer together. It enables us to easily communicate and share information and knowledge with each other. It also lets us connect with each other in business to exchange goods and services in the real world. When small businesses and individuals can connect with each other directly, everybody has more choices and variety.

More change is coming. Decentralization of our economy is happening. We can imagine a world where people move away from dependence on large corporations, big box stores, mass production and factory farming. We can imagine a world where people build sustainable and biodiverse food systems, and can exchange heirloom and organic varieties of food from their farms or gardens to local buyers. A world where a small inventor can develop and even manufacture things like customized bicycles or appliances using 3D printing technology for groups of people who covet those products, locally or globally.

We can imagine drivers picking up riders on a whim while going from one city to another. They could even transport food and 3D-printed products from one producer to a consumer while they’re at it. Small drones can deliver pizzas or other small packages efficiently to local areas and beyond.

People can offer their homes as lodging, or just home-cooked meals, to both locals and travelers. This is already happening. Good mechanics, handymen, housecleaners, babysitters, masseuses, artists, and entertainers are all easier to connect with now than before, and will be even easier to connect with in the future as online marketplaces mature. We can imagine a society of seamless exchange, with goods and services flowing in harmony between people all over the world.

Peerhub is an online hub that lets you make these exchanges, and it’s designed to become a place where you’ll be able to buy and sell anything. Any service. Any good. Housing. Transportation. Anything you want by just connecting with another peer. In fact, that’s what our entire global economy is all about, isn’t it? We provide and exchange value with each other for the benefit of each other. There’s nothing more to an economy than that, when you really think about it.

We at Peerhub plan to be one of the marketplaces and communities that foster and build this new economy. Come join us and let’s take this journey together.