About Peerhub

[Peerhub MarketplaceA marketplace with a social side. Invite a few friends, and presto… You’re all in business! It’s like eBay, Craigslist, and Etsy combined. Use it to buy — and sell — new, used, vintage, and handmade stuff with people you know, in your local area, or anywhere in the world.  And the more you invite friends, the higher your trust rating can be.  It’s FREE to buy, sell, or list your stuff on Peerhub… and if you accept Steem dollars you eliminate all those Paypal and credit card fees. Buying and selling online is finally easy!

[Peerhub Store] Also feel free to check out our store!  Choose from thousands of quality products, like health supplements, herbal teas, books, children’s toys, clothes, cell phone accessories, and much, much more.  Feel free to spend your Steem Dollars here too!